On February 15th, 2024, Dr. Eon Soo Lee, the Principal Investigator of ASEM Laboratory, recently participated as a panelist in a joint research initiative between the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) and Phase Change Solution (PCS). The panel discussion, centered around the pivotal theme of the “role of advanced engineering materials in decarbonization,” saw presentations by esteemed panelists including Dr. Lucas Dorazio (Senior Scientist, BAFS), Dr. Eon Soo Lee, Dr. Ashish Kulkarni (CEO, Kebotix), and Dr. Reyad Sawafta (CTO, PCS).

Dr. Lee underscored the pressing global need for decarbonization and highlighted available technologies to address this challenge. He also showcased ASEM Laboratory’s prowess in energy and thermal characterization research, emphasizing its contribution to decarbonization efforts. Notably, the meeting shed light on the burgeoning role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in both research and industrial initiatives aimed at decarbonization.

This collaborative endeavor signifies a crucial step forward in leveraging advanced engineering materials and cutting-edge technologies to combat climate change and foster sustainable development.