Ramin Zakeri, Eon Soo Lee (2021/10);
Volume 11, Paper#  19610, Scientific Reports 
Since non-scattering transfer of polymer chain in nanochannel is one of the important issue in biology, in this research, the behavior study of a long polymer chain in the nanofluid in two modes of free motion and restricted motion (fixed two ends) under two different forces including constant force (pressure gradient (PG)) and variable force (electroosmotic force (EOF)) has been investigated using dissipative particle dynamics (DPD) method. Our aim is that displacement of polymer chain carries out with less dispersion. Initially, without the presence of polymer, the results have been validated in a nanochannel by analytical results for both cases (PG, EOF) with an error of less than 10%. Then, assuming 50 beads of polymer chain, the polymer chain motion in free motion and fixed two ends modes has been examined by different spring coefficients between beads and different forces including PG (0.01 DPD unite) and …