Zhuang S, Lei L, Nunna B, Lee ES*. New Nitrogen-Doped Graphene/MOF-modified catalyst for Fuel Cell Systems.

ECS Trans. 2016 volume 72, issue 8, 149-154

doi: 10.1149/07208.0149ecst


Abstract: Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), which have advantages such as large surface area and high porosity, are recently investigated as a component of electrochemical catalysts to enhance the catalytic performance. But the influences of MOFs on the properties of catalysts such as surface structure, local structure of active sites, catalytic activity, and selectivity are still under investigation.

This research is focused on the new MOF-modified nitrogen-doped graphene (N-G/MOF) catalyst, which is expected to have better ORR activity than N-G catalysts, for PEM fuel cell systems. The primary research objective is to understand the catalytic reaction mechanism of the N-G/MOF. It also includes the study of the physical structure & chemical composition of the N-G/MOF and their influence on the ORR activity and selectivity. The experimental efforts to realize this objective include the controllable synthesis of the N-G/MOF, imaging of the microstructure, analyzing the chemical bonding distribution of active sites, and the electrochemical characterization at the acid electrolyte.

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